How I Rediscovered the Joy of Fitness with Perform & Recover

How I Rediscovered the Joy of Fitness with Perform & Recover

How I rediscovered the joy of fitness with Perform & Recover 

"Back in February 2024, I could barely drag myself up the hill home. And it wasn’t just the usual satisfying ache of a workout well done. It was almost tear-inducing exhaustion. Training in the same way, and at the same level I’d loved previously, but finding it joyless and hard. I was exhausted, frustrated, demotivated, and desperate to get back to where I was before.

There are some discoveries that redefine what you thought was possible for you. Perform & Recover has done that for me.

I’m a Resilience Coach and fitness is important to me..

…for strength, mobility, and physical freedom today - and for Future Me. For progress too; I like to see results. Doing team training three to five times a week brings me a lot of joy. I relish the mental health boost of two plus hours of endorphins after a session and all the jumping around, lifting stuff, and trying new movements is fun.

So it was really hard when I hit a recovery wall with my training earlier this year. I’m in my 40s now and fitter than I was at 25 (or 35) - I’ve never been one to believe that age equals decline. We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” right? But, for the first time, I found myself believing the fear that this was the beginning of the end of physical progression. Mindset is a huge part of my coaching - I know how damaging it can be to believe your fears.

But nothing I did seemed to work. Despite being relatively fit, I was barely recovering from workouts, which meant that the next workout felt even harder. Until eventually I was facing the painful question of “should I just stop?”

The turning point: discovering Perform & Recover

Honestly, the relief of feeling my momentum come back was like the sun coming out. No longer being constantly exhausted, actually wanting to train - looking forward to pushing myself again. And knowing that getting older wasn’t to blame. “It’s age” is a catch-all excuse that we often use for physical changes that are hard. But the reality is that so many of the things that happen to our bodies as we get older we don’t need to accept as a permanent change - it’s actually about adjustment and finding the right solution.

The best thing about all this is how low my expectations were. I was interested in, but ignorant of, and so unconvinced by adaptogens at that point. It felt naive to think that something as simple as supplements would make any difference to such a very physical exhaustion. And I think we’re all a bit cynical to marketing that promises fitness-related results these days.

But six weeks after starting Perform & Recover I went out in the evening after a big daytime cardio workout. Maybe that sounds unremarkable to you but for months I’d had to balance any high impact, big calorie burn workout with being horizontal afterward. As the weeks went on, the workouts shifted from being something that dominated my day - and that I had to sacrifice other things to accommodate - to just one activity among many.

The results: the return of energy and motivation

As a coach, I know that gathering data on yourself is key to understanding how you work and how to improve. I wear a Whoop to track my recovery (among other things) and three months ago I was waking up to daily red or yellow recoveries below 50%. After six to eight weeks of using Perform & Recover, I was in the green and often hitting 90% recovered - with no other changes to diet or lifestyle.

Screenshots from my Whoop app before and after using Perform & Recover:


It didn’t even seem to make a difference if I’d had bad sleep - my body still bounced back. And so did my enthusiasm - I started enjoying training again. The dread was gone. The joy was back. Alongside a feeling of real resilience. And that is what’s really priceless here - the confidence of knowing your body isn’t going to let you down when you’re striving to go up a level. And that you actually get to have fun while you’re doing it. That’s been the game changer for me."

Why Perform & Recover could be your game changer

If you’re looking to improve your physical performance and recovery, Perform & Recover might be just what you need. This endurance-enhancing blend was designed to help you adapt faster, go on for longer, and come back stronger.

Discover the benefits of Perform & Recover

Made with the very best ingredients nature has to offer, Perform & Recover features a perfectly formulated combination of four adaptogenic ingredients: Rhodiola, Ginseng, Reishi, and Cordyceps. These ingredients work together to provide benefits that can transform your fitness routine:

  • Improves Endurance: Helps you train harder and longer.
  • Reduces Athletic Stress: Minimises the physical stress associated with intense workouts.
  • Supports Energy Levels: Supports energy levels throughout the day.
  • Prolongs Time to Exhaustion: Keeps you going longer without feeling drained.



Ready to take your performance to the next level?

Alex’s story is a testament to the transformative benefits of Perform & Recover. No matter what movement you love to do, having the right support can make all the difference to help you to keep going and come back stronger at any age. 

"They really are amazing and I’d highly recommend them if you are looking to improve your recovery and get some joy out of your training again.," Alex says.

Try Perform & Recover and feel the difference for yourself. SHOP NOW

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