meet the founders

Lockdown was life-changing for so many of us. For Mark and Laura Neville this enforced break from a too-busy lifestyle offered a unique opportunity to evaluate the impact of stress on their lives – and seek out new ways to manage it.

It was while searching for more natural sleep supplements – free from the bulk fillers and nasty additives common to so many supplement brands – that Mark and Laura learned about adaptogens. These powerful plant ingredients seemed to offer the perfect all-natural remedy to the modern world.

meet our herbalist

Over the course of 2020, Mark and Laura created The Herbtender, working closely with Medical Herbalist Schia Sinclair, to build a range of expertly blended adaptogenic supplements around contemporary wellness needs.

Our range was born from the simple truth that acting in harmony with nature is the only remedy that really works.

We give back

When you buy from us you are supporting rhino conservation. The Herbtender donates monthly to The Council of Contributors, a 100% rhino-centric charity that channels its efforts directly to the front line. They work with over 30 leading rhino conservation organizations that include anti-poaching rangers, specialized K9‘s, air patrol and air rescue, rhino orphanages, highly skilled veterinarians, scientists and more.