For when you absolutely have to deliver. This clever trio of concentration, immunity and calm will help increase your focus on the task at hand, and then allow you to switch off when it’s time to rest, while keeping your immune system strong. Ideal for exam time and deadline days, and busy student life.

Focus & Clarity When your mind needs a boost, this blend has your back. Crafted from focusing adaptogens and calming herbs like Rosemary, Holy Basil, and Rhodiola, it's your secret weapon for mental clarity, memory retention, and unwavering concentration. Lion's Mane and Lemon Balm join the party, enhancing your cognitive prowess. 

Calm & Collected— Crafted with Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and the power of Lion's Mane, it's designed to ease restlessness and help you keep your cool. When life gets chaotic and your mind's racing, this blend steps in to restore calm and tranquility.

Daily Defence—This comprehensive blend is your daily shield, supporting your immune system and nurturing your overall well-being, ensuring you're prepared for whatever the day brings. Reishi promotes relaxation while boosting the immune system, Chaga reduces stress and strengthens immunity, and Cordyceps enhances mental vitality. Yarrow and Astragalus support immune health, while Cinnamon and Echinacea provide anti-inflammatory benefits and bolster the body's defenses.


FOCUS & CLARITY 60 Capsules

CALM & COLLECTED 60 Capsules

DAILY & DEFENCE 60 Capsules

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