Our unique formulas carefully crafted by our Medical Herbalist, Schia

Where ancient wisdom meets expert hands

Infused with care, kindness, and expertise

Our formulations are completely unique to us. Schia, our expert Medical Herbalist, creates each and every one of our unique mixes. Drawing on her experience of treating patients for over 20 years, each formula has been masterfully crafted to be both safe and effective.

Blending ancient wisdom with modern science, Schia masterfully weaves together premium functional herbs and mushrooms to deliver perfectly balanced and effective formulations.

Nature knows best and only the best will do

Crafted with precision by our in-house Medical Herbalist, Schia, our formulations focus exclusively on the part of the plants that have been used traditionally. Evidence of efficacy is incredibly important to us, as is crafting formulations with whole herbs, as used by herbalists through the ages.

Nature knows best. So we don’t single out or concentrate one component part of the plants we use in our formulations. The problems arise when we think we know better than nature.

Schia’s expert formulation process

Schia brings over 20 years of experience to her formulation process. Carefully curating and testing each and every formulation to ensure the optimal delivery of active ingredients.

Our formulation process looks like this:

  • Assess the need: what are the main struggles we are targeting and how does it impact people’s lives? E.g Sleep difficulties mean both issues getting to sleep and staying asleep through the night
  • Choose the right ingredients: selecting the adaptogens and herbs that may help with this issue
  • Refine the formula: assess which of these active ingredients go best together to ensure maximum efficacy
  • Create balance: check the formula is energetically balanced
  • Begin trials: make a trial blend and test on some volunteers
  • Gather feedback: explore volunteer’s experiences and adjust formula as needed
  • Trial again: make the formula into capsules (or teas or drops) and trial with a larger group. Tweak if needed
  • Repeat (if needed): repeat the trial and feedback process until we’ve found the perfect formulation
  • Launch: once everything has been checked and tested, we launch the new formulation ready to help those who need it
Feed your natural resilience with nature’s best ingredients

Our blends are expertly formulated by our very own team. We founded The Herbtender in 2020, working alongside Schia, drawing on her 20+ years of experience as a Medical Herbalist.

Everything we produce is formulated, tested, and tested again. No rubbish, no fillers. We use only the very best ingredients nature has to offer, crafted with precision.

Natural support for life’s everyday stressors

Whether you want to improve your sleep, energy, focus, stress, or physical performance, our expert formulas can give you the support you need.

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