Our 5 tips to reduce Christmas stress

Our 5 tips to reduce Christmas stress

Whether you're Santa's number one fan or would rather keep your head firmly under the duvet for December, there's no denying the additional stress and overwhelm this time of year can bring.

It may be the apprehension of family gatherings, the pressure of making everything perfect, or the overindulgence in rich food and drink. But whatever the reason for your worries, there are things you can do to support yourself during this period- helping to bring calm and happiness to your holidays.


The social side of the festive season can be a wonderful thing. But before we know it, we've accepted invites and committed to numerous engagements on top of our already busy lives. The festive run-up already feels like a giant sprint without stretching your time and adding more pressure to your plate.

Now, we're not saying avoid all fun and spend your December at home tucked under a blanket - unless you want to! But when you get a message, email, or someone mentions a get-together at the school drop-off, remember that you don't need to RSVP right there and then. Take a couple of days to think about it. Do you really want to attend? How will you feel after going? Does it add pressure to other commitments you've already got booked in?

Make the best decision for you - and don't forget to give yourself time to breathe.


No amount of planning, hard work, or wishful thinking can stop a curveball from being sent your way over the festive season, from being stuck in traffic to overcooking the Brussels sprouts. Things may not go entirely to plan, but by embracing the possibility of something going wrong in advance, we can help manage our reaction at the time.

Of course, we want everything to be perfect. But when falling into the perfectionism trap, we add additional stress and overwhelm ourselves- potentially missing out on the most important, positive aspects of the festive period. Remember, those challenging moments are often the ones we laugh about the next day!

And if you do find yourself dealing with a Christmas obstacle and are overwhelmed in that moment, take yourself away from the situation and take deep breaths until you feel calm and ready to return.


‘Tis the season of eating cheese, mince pies, and enjoying a few glasses of fizz. And with our busy packed schedules, it's often our exercise time that is the first to be kicked to the kerb. We all know the benefits of daily movement - it keeps us healthy, puts us in a great mood, and helps manage anxiety and stress. Book time in your diary or find an exercise buddy to keep you accountable - whatever helps stop you from compromising on moments you enjoy and keep you calm.


Learning to quieten our inner critic and amplify our inner cheerleader is something we should practice all year round. But over the festive period, stress can be heightened, and the additional pressure we put on our shoulders can be overwhelming. At these moments, we must show kindness to ourselves, reducing the negative impact of stress on us and those around us.

A great exercise to consider at times of self-criticism is to ask yourself, "How would I talk to a friend in this moment? What advice would I offer them?". We show our loved ones the deepest support, compassion, and empathy in these moments. Surely, we should show ourselves that same kindness. Keeping a journal can also help you filter through your thoughts and feelings.


Using the power of adaptogens, The Herbtender’s range of products are a simple and natural way to support you with the stresses of the festive period (and life in general), enabling you to feel healthier, calmer, and focused.


Busy work schedule?


The busier we get, the harder it can be to find the focus needed to get things done. Anxiety caused by a busy Christmas period can play havoc with our ability to concentrate, leading to foggy thinking and unnecessary distractions. Our blend made from focusing adaptogens and calming herbs will support cognitive function. Ideal for when you need to keep calm & carry on.

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Need support with running those festive errands?


The Christmas period can be physically exhausting, from marathon shopping sprees (possibly with grumpy children in tow), social engagements, and general running around after the family. Our endurance-enhancing blend maintains your stamina and helps you to bounce back quicker the next day - all while supporting your immune system through that extra exercise, and improving oxygen utilisation.

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Looking for a daily energy boost?


Invest in an energising morning routine with our adaptogenic blend, specifically created to support energy levels, focus and immunity. This powerful combination will help boost your mood, supporting a positive mindset and helping to spur you into action over this busy period. Low energy levels can reinforce negative cycles, so Rise & Shine is designed to target both body and mind with a balanced blend.

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Wherever and however you spend your holidays, we wish you all a calm, peaceful time filled with love and joy.

If you have any questions about the above or anything else The Herbtender related, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below, pop us an email (hello@the-herbtender.com) or send us a DM at @theherbtender.

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