A powerful blend of adaptogens and herbs for active people.

  • Improves endurance
  • Reduce athletic stress
  • Supports energy levels
  • Prolongs time to exhaustion
  • Good cognitive performance
  • Supports immune function

Enhance your training and elevate your game with our natural supplements for energy and performance.

Included in your Time To Train Set:

Rise & Shine: fuel your day with balanced and sustained energy
Perform & Recover: elevate your training sessions and speed up recovery

RISE & SHINE 60 Capsules


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Ginseng helps you to start the day with a much-needed energy boost to get your head in the game for a great training session. On top of this, it’s well-loved for restoring depleted energy and helping to reduce fatigue.

Reishi, known as the mushroom of immortality, strengthens the heart and improves cognition to help you perform at your best during training.

Cordyceps is our final star adaptogenic ingredient. Helping to support immune, kidney, and liver function as well as fighting fatigue.

Start your training routine with two capsules of Rise & Shine and two capsules of Perform & Recover before breakfast.

For an added boost, take an additional two capsules of Perform & Recover an hour before exercising, if needed.

Avoid taking capsules late in the day as it may impact sleep. If you're sensitive, one capsule per dose could suffice.

Do not exceed four capsules per day per formula.

Meet our Medical Herbalist
Schia Sinclair

Meet Schia, our wonderful Medical Herbalist. Where ancient wisdom meets expert hands. With over 20 years of experience, Schia creates each and every one of our unique formulas. She masterfully weaves together the best herbs, mushrooms, and natural ingredients to create the best results.

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How do they work?
Understanding adaptogens

Resilient, adaptable, and evolutionarily outstanding. Forced to adapt to harsh surroundings, these remarkable herbs and mushrooms are used by herbalists across the world to help us do the same. Timeless wisdom, wrapped in contemporary (planet-friendly) packaging.

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Rise & Shine Adaptogens for Sustained Energy Morning Vitality


Unleash your full potential naturally. This powerful duo includes a blend of adaptogens and herbs to fuel your active lifestyle. Supporting your energy levels and performance, enabling you to come back stronger.

Laura Neville


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Many of The Herbtender community enjoy mixing blends for increased potency. You could decide to combine a few blends to work together to achieve the same thing, such as Rise & Shine and Focus & Clarity, which are crafted for energy and mental focus. We recommend taking those in the morning or afternoon. Or you could take blends that do different things at different times of the day such as Rise & Shine to get you going in the morning together with Doze and Dream in the evening to support deeper rest and relaxation. You are your own Herbtender so you’re welcome to combine your favourite blends any time of day!

We have designed a series of sets combining two or more of our products that go particularly well together. See our sets here.

We advise you to consult with a herbalist or medical practitioner before taking our products if you are on prescribed medication. Even though our capsules are made from natural ingredients, interactions can sometimes happen. To find a medical herbalist near you please go to and click on ‘find a herbalist’

Yes, all of our products can be taken long term. Often, we find that when people no longer need them, they begin to forget to take them. If you find that happening, you can always stop taking them for a few weeks to see how life is without them and then decide whether or not to restart.

This is a very individual thing. Some people will notice an effect from the first dose, others may need to take the capsules for a week or more before noticing a difference. If you have been taking the capsules for a week and are not noticing any difference, it may be that you need to increase the dose you are taking to the slightly higher one recommended on the pack. We don’t recommend taking more than four capsules per day of any of our products.

All our blends are vegan, dairy-free, soya free, certified gluten-free and certified kosher.