Can you take adaptogens long-term?

Can you take adaptogens long-term?

Yes, you certainly can!

Adaptogens are a class of medicinal herbs used for millennia by many of the world's most ancient forms of medicine. In all of these systems of medicine, adaptogens were used to promote health and resilience, and improve longevity and wellbeing.

The original tonics - adaptogens were used long-term as a daily pick-me-up to help maintain wellness. With the reputation of restoring youthful vigour and with actions affecting so many different bodily systems, these powerful herbs were often considered magical.

For many people, taking herbs like Ginseng would have formed part of a daily ritual for many years. In fact, in many cases, until they died - hopefully peacefully of very old age!

How can adaptogens help you?

As our world has shifted and changed through the centuries, it is fascinating that our attention is now returning to a more ancient form of medicine - perhaps, due to our healthcare systems struggling to deal with many long-term chronic illnesses.

Using these ancient herbs, however, requires quite a paradigm shift. Here in the west, we often focus on what is wrong with us rather than what is right. We look to 'manage disease' rather than to promote or maintain health. Taking adaptogens is doing something to help our body continue to do what is right for it. It's a step back, but in the right direction - to promoting our own health!

We are naturally meant to deal with stresses and strains, to bounce back - but sometimes, it can all feel a bit like hard work. Adaptogens are here to lend a helping hand. They are herbal remedies that you can safely take long-term to help your body flourish.

What about short-term use?

Here at The Herbtender, we aim to bring you a set of products that can help you bring out the best in yourself, enhance your wellbeing, and support you to be flexible enough to bend rather than break when life throws challenges your way.

And although I would encourage everyone to consider taking adaptogens long-term, as with anything, they can have their uses short term too!

For example, my older teen has gone to school today with a few 'The Herbtender - Calm & Collected' capsules in her pocket. With a nerve-wracking speech in front of her class approaching, I know that just one capsule will be enough to help keep her nerves under control. Similarly, adaptogens can be used for a burst of energy when you need to finish that project, meet that deadline or pass the finish line.

As with anything in life, finding what works for you will be an experiment – and that is part of the joy. I wish you the best of luck and the most fun trying out adaptogens and finding what works for you!

And if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, pop us an email ( or send us a DM at @theherbtender!

Author: Schia Sinclair

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